Friday, January 13, 2017

Police Raids in Kamloops - Red Scorpions

Two police raids were carried out Friday in Kamloops — including at a business owned by a Red Scorpions member — as a result of a drug probe. Police secured two search warrants, one for Heavy Metal Gym at 145 Briar Ave. and another for a private home.
The Briar Avenue gym is registered to Konaam Shirzad, who has owned the company since 2014. Shirzad is one of the founders of the Red Scorpions gang.

Shirzad has an extremely lengthy criminal record, dating back to 1999 when he attempted to kill a former friend by stabbing him twice in the back with a butcher knife outside a movie theatre. Shirzad was 16 at the time.
The Red Scorpions are a multi-ethnic organization originally based out of Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland suburbs. The Bacon brothers were leading members. Gang members often sport an “RS” tattoo on their wrists, neck or shoulders.

Some known members and associates include: Kyle Daniel Ali, Ashley Marie Apolinario, Hishem Bennink, Raphael Jose Blanco, Justin Houchen, Mark Andrew Hubahib, Mario Kraljevic, Tommy Tung Nguyen, Homayon Rafieyan, Aleksander Reljic, Kurtis Schmidt and John Romar Supena.