Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quiet on the Gang Front in B.C.

Its been dead quiet over the past several months on the Lower Mainland gang front. The shocking spate of violence including the butchered remains of 856 Gang member Shaun Allan Clary found in Langley seems to have ended.

Staff-Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. explains. “There is no doubt that murders and certain violent events can and often do have a chilling effect on that group and the people who are involved in it. That is because whether they are directly associated or indirectly associated to people who are involved in those violent events, word gets around pretty quickly not just through the media, but also through their own network. And they all scurry into their dark, little corners and caves and shadows because they don’t want to be next, even though there may not be a threat against them – they don’t know that."
In past years there's a downturn around the holiday season but then there's an uptick in January, February and March. Houghton says gang alignments are unchanged with only a minor shifting of allegiances. The only change is the diminishing influence of the Dhaks and Sandip Duhre associates. Houghton believes the UN gang and their associates are active, filling the void.

The Wolf Pack continues on police radar. They have made a splash in Kamloops and Surrey and are expected to remain active. Groups like the Red Scorpions and Independent Soldiers are still active and 'prominent in that world' according to Houghton.
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