Wednesday, February 1, 2017

7 arrested in Montreal police raids targeting drug network

Seven men are in custody after a series of police raids in the Montreal area targeting a drug-trafficking network with links to organized crime. In a news release, provincial police said they seized almost $1 million in cash and four guns, along with 113 kilograms of cocaine, 60 empty one-kilogram bags for packaging cocaine, 127 kilograms of marijuana, 50,000 methamphetamine pills, 15 kilograms of the local anaesthetic procaine and one kilogram of MDMA.

The operation, dubbed Project Estacade, follows raids mounted in November 2015 that targeted a drug-trafficking network run by Montreal's Mafia, Hells Angels and street gangs.
Nicola ValientePolice described the network targeted by today's raids as "very active" in Montreal's cocaine trade. Police were still looking for 40-year-old Nicola Valiante.