Sunday, February 27, 2022

Edmonton HA Alan Peter Knapczyk dies in jail

Alan Peter Knapczyk has died in prison at Matsqui. No details have been released.
Two men affiliated with the Edmonton chapter of the Hells Angels had five years tacked onto their prison sentences for conspiring to traffic cocaine and benefiting a criminal organization in 2017. Alberta’s Court of Appeal increased John Reginald Alcantara and Alan Peter Knapczyk’s sentences to 15 years from 10 years for acting as enforcers for a large Fort McMurray cocaine trafficking operation.

In September 2012, both were sentenced to a decade in prison. At the time, Knapczyk was a full patch of the Edmonton Chapter, and Alcantara a prospect.

Jeffrey Mark Caines was handed 14 years as head of a huge drug trafficking ring.
The case stretches back to 2005, when Knapczyk and Alcantara agreed to provide protection for a Fort McMurray cocaine trafficker in exchange for $20k a week. Trafficker Jeffrey Mark Cains called in Knapczyk and Alcantara to intimidate the competition.