Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gun Smuggling Native refuses to recognize Canadian Law

An Oliver resident facing nine charges for bringing firearms across the Canada-U.S. border said he refuses to recognize Canadian law. Alex Louie was crossing the border from the U.S. into Canada at the Osoyoos border crossing when he was arrested by Canadian border officials who say they found two firearms, including a Hi-Point CF 380 .38 calibre handgun, ammunition, pistol magazines and trigger locks in his vehicle.
The nine charges include importing a prohibited or restricted weapon, illegal importation of firearms, smuggling, possession of a restricted or prohibited weapon and making a false declaration.
Border officials detained Louie who repeatedly said he did not understand his rights saying “this was his land and if (they) wish to enforce their laws, this was a violation.” Louie, who represented himself in court, insisted he didn’t recognize Canadian laws, refusing an opportunity to speak to counsel.

Louie interrupted proceedings several times, at one point declaring, “As a beneficiary of this trust, I hereby charge to Crown five-hundred bucks an hour for the last 12 hours”