Thursday, February 23, 2017

UN Gangster Johnny 'K9' Kroitoru dies in Ontario halfway house

Career gangster Ion Kroitoru died Tuesday in a Toronto halfway house where he had been living since his release from an Abbotsford prison in September. It is suspected he died of heart failure.

Kroitoru boasted a decades long history of assault, extortion and drugs. He often worked as an enforcer and debt collector for organized crime.

UN gang member Ion William Kroitoru greets Clay Roueche.
Kroitoru was president of the Hamilton, Ontario chapter of the Satan's Choice MC and was convicted of assault, and drug trafficking.

In 1996 to get revenge for being kicked out of a strip club, Kroitoru and several friends bombed the local police station. He was later convicted and sentenced to 33 months in prison.
Kroitoru was arrested in 2005 for the shotgun execution of a lawyer and her husband. The Ontario Attorney General later withdrew the charges due to insufficient evidence.

In 2013 Kroitoru pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and marijuana in lieu of the first-degree murder charges he faced from a UN gang killing. His sentence was 13 years in prison minus time in pre-trial custody. It was his third federal prison term.
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