Sunday, March 26, 2017

856 Gang Associate lucky to pull 6 years

Yellowknife man Dayle Hein has been sentenced to six years in prison for repeatedly selling fentanyl and crack cocaine, even after being placed under house arrest for trafficking drugs. Hein was arrested in 2014 and again in 2016, in connection with the drug operation Project Green Manalishi.

Hein pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year, admitting in court that he was an addict himself and apologizing "for his contributions to the addictions that plague our society."
The 856 Gang has virtually run all the drug business in Yellowknife for the past 5 years. The gang started out with a group of teenagers in Aldergrove, B.C. (near Langley), where the telephone prefix is 856. The gang eventually developed into a much larger entity.

In Yellowknife, the gang was hard to miss, with gun-toting members threatening bar staff and aggressively attempting to take over the local drug trade. In response Project Goblin culminated in late 2013 with the execution of six search warrants. The searches uncovered large quantities of cocaine, cash and firearms; 10 members and associates of the 856 Gang faced charges as a result of that investigation.

Members tattoo 856 on the inside of their lips to indicate rank.
Project Monarch was born in the spring of 2014, bringing charges against 12 individuals for selling drugs on behalf of the 856 Gang. The next week the 856 Gang was back again with a whole new crew. In August 2014, the group was targeted again in Project Gloom. They soon sent another crew to sell cocaine and collect drug debts left behind by the previous gang members.

Things seemed quiet on the 856 Gang front after two more search warrants in July 2015, with 23 more arrests. Project Green Manalishi resulted in one of the largest drug seizures in the territory in a decade.
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