Saturday, March 4, 2017

Allegations Rampant - Montreal Police accepted Mafia Bribes

Deputy Chief Bernard Lamothe has been suspended
Allegations of corruption continue to mount against the Montreal police force, including new questions about whether some of its members were receiving bribes from the Mafia.

Most recently new allegations of potential bribes from the Mafia being accepted by SPVM officers are being made while one of the force’s highest-ranking officers has been suspended indefinitely — a decision the chief said he had no choice but to make.

Montreal Police chief Philippe Pichet

Mob lawyer Loris Cavaliere was sentenced to 34 months in prison
On Feb. 17, 2015, two members of the Montreal Mafia, whose names cannot be published, were recorded in a conversation with Loris Cavaliere, who was under investigation at the time. One asked Cavaliere where “all the heat” was coming from. The man said the heat was brutal and was referring to pressure the police were applying to the organization at the time. The three men had no idea their conversation was being secretly recorded.

Referring to André Thibodeau, a Montreal police sergeant charged with illegal bookmaking ... “The police are worried about leaks in the case and that’s why internal affairs is involved.” The investigation into Thibodeau was done exclusively by Montreal police internal affairs. Cavaliere then asked the Mafioso if he was concerned. “(The Mafioso) replied no that’s what we pay them for"

Montreal police sergeant André Thibodeau was charged with illegal bookmaking
In interviews aired last week, former members of the Montreal police alleged they were victims of fabricated evidence generated by the force’s internal affairs division in an effort to silence them before speaking out about internal corruption.

It was announced earlier this week that all Montreal police internal affairs investigations would be turned over to the provincial police.