Friday, March 10, 2017

Bikie war in Adelaide - Update

A fake online facebook profile in the name of a senior Mongols member is being blamed for the latest outbreak of bikie violence as police probe shootings, arson attacks and a recent murder.

The facebook page, since removed, contained numerous pictures of Mongols members with sexually derogatory gay comments as well as a club logo with “weak dogs” written over the word Mongols. It also contained a challenge to come "out of hiding". “Your a nobody you where a reject who couldn’t make it as an angel the big red machine now you kiss Mongol ass crack” the post said.
(Editor's note - In Oz the insult 'dog' is similar in severity to our 'goof')

Dain Phillips
The episode mirrors the circumstances of the beating death of Dain Phillips in Kelowna by Hells Angels Norman Cocks and Robert Thomas in 2011. Phillips' sons allegedly 'disrespected' teen thugs Matthew and Daniel McRae, Hells Angels associates in Facebook posts. Cocks and Thomas both received 15 years in jail while the McRaes received five years and three and a half years respectively.

Robert Thomas
Hells Angels and Mongols members and associates are under heightened police surveillance, as an escalating conflict between the outlaw bikie gangs led to a drug dealer being shot inside his home. Three recent spates of arson attacks and shootings are part of an increasingly violent dispute between members and associates of the Hells Angels and Mongols, who “patched over” from the Finks Motorcycle Club in 2013.

In the latest incident, a 30-year old man was rushed to hospital after being shot four times. He was arrested and charged in December 2015 along with a 26-year old woman and a senior Hells Angels member in a drug sting.

Mark Sandery, Mongols member
Bad blood between the groups has simmered for more than five years since Hells Angels members broke into the home of senior Mongols member Mark Sandery and shot his son in the leg in 2011. Police say the traditional “code of silence” among outlaw motorcycle gangs made it hard to pinpoint the exact source of the latest increase in conflict.

Mongols president Andrew Majchrak