Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cocaine shipped to Canada in pineapple concentrate

The opening day of a cocaine trafficking trial heard that $6 million worth was being smuggled in pineapple juice bottles shipped to Costa's Wine Country in Hamilton in December 2015.

Costa's Wine owners Jose (Joe) and Erika Costa, and Reilly's 2000 Wholesale Foods owner Tullio Dintino are on trial on charges of trafficking in cocaine, importing it from Costa Rica, and conspiring to traffic and import cocaine.
On December 18th, 2015 Canadian Borders Services Agency officers in Halifax tested some bottles or jugs in a shipping container from Costa Rica for possible cocaine. The container had 1,128 boxes each containing four 3.78 litre-jugs of pineapple juice and pulp.

When the results came back positive, a full inspection ensued, leading the RCMP to estimate 1,440 bottles contained cocaine — 129 were actually tested — and the whole shipment contained 100 kilograms of cocaine.