Monday, March 27, 2017

Drug House in Tower of Canadians

It was reported in February that two Canadians Tower condos were the main lair of two of the most important drug dealers in Montreal.

About six months after its opening, two apartments in the prestigious skyscrapers were used as a cache for money and drugs. In October 65 kg of cocaine was found inside a parked car in the underground parking lot of the Tower. The vehicle was linked to Fazio Malatesta and Andrea Scoppa.
Investigators observed the two men and their accomplices for three weeks. They moved large bags and suitcases incessantly between the underground parking lot and a condo of the 21st floor rented by Malatesta. Scoppa lived on a unit of the 42nd floor. In addition to cocaine, police seized seven kilos of marijuana, ammunition and $ 70,000 in cash.

There is no indication the developers who built the Tower of Canadians have anything to do with the presence of Mafia bosses in the building. The brother of Andrea Scoppa, Salvatore, received a gun shot in the arm during an attempted murder in Terrebonne, on February 21.