Sunday, March 26, 2017

Internal HA rumble in Thailand - Update

Monthonthaksin with Wayne Schneider's brown crocodile skin vest Thaksin "Sin" Monthonthaksin was one of the founders of the outlaw motorcycle club's Pattaya branch a year ago. But now he is worried about the direction it is taking.

He wanted to introduce a new prospective Thai member to the Pattaya branch. As the club's sergeant-at-arms, he thought he had that right, but says the move was blocked by Australian members.

Prospect John Lee, Glen Norris, Dan Stalley, a Thai bikie named Oh, and Michael 'Tab' Robinson.
Expletive-strewn messages were sent, and in an insult considered profoundly offensive in Thai culture, Mr Monthonthaksin sent a photo of his foot, singling out Australian Glen Norris, saying "For you bro". He says three Australians — Glen Norris, Dan Stalley and Matthew "Tab" Robinson— all joined the assault, breaking the code of one-on-one fights only.
Glen Norris
In April last year, the Pattaya charter revved into life, with Thaksin Monthonthaksin and Australian Wayne Schneider among the founding members. Now the club has 14 fully-patched members — five Australians, four Germans, a Canadian and four Thais. The man who helped start the Pattaya charter of the Hells Angels now wants the Australian members deported.

A British tabloid recently claimed Pattaya was the "sex capital" of the world, a "modern day Sodom and Gomorrah" with 27,000 prostitutes. Thailand links the main drug-producing regions of Myanmar and Laos with lucrative markets like Malaysia and Australia. Next month, a second Hells Angels charter is due to open in the northern town of Chiang Mai — better known for its proximity to the opium and methamphetamine-producing Golden Triangle
Taksin Monthontaksin, 39, sergeant at arms, revealed that he was attacked and injured by 4-5 Australian members of 'Hells Angels Pattaya'. The incident took place on March 7, 2017.

Monthontaksin and other Thai members were attacked by the Australians. It is very rare for internal Hells Angels affairs to be aired in the press. Police in Phuket ramped up security measures geared toward international biker members following the gunpoint abduction and murder of Australian Hells Angel Wayne Schneider in Pattaya.
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