Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oz Hells Angels Bikie Boss Felix Lyle to be deported to New Zealand

One of Australia's most notorious crime figures, bikie boss Felix Lyle, is fighting a deportation order to New Zealand. The former boss of the Hells Angels has been in prison after serving a four-year term for fraud, drug trafficking and proceeds of crime.

Lyle, or "Big F" as he is known, became head of the Sydney chapter of the Hells Angels after his predecessor was jailed for killing a rival during a brawl at Sydney airport. The Big F's elevation to the top job at the Hells Angels followed his expulsion from rival outlaw bikie gang the Bandidos for not being of good character.
Felix Jonothan Lyle in 2004Lyle was rarely, if ever, seen on a bike. Before he went to prison, his mode of transportation was being chauffeured around in his bright red Bentley. He lost his licence and was bankrupt, and used the truck of the Bentley as a portable ATM machine, dispensing cash from it.

In March 2013, a month after he was jailed for fraud and drug offences, Lyle was arrested over his role in attempting to supply 50 black-market Glock pistols. One of those arrested with him was high-ranking Comanchero Kemel "Blackie" Barakat. Police say they had gone into the drug business together.

Barakat was executed 3 days ago.