Saturday, March 11, 2017

Targeted Gang Execution kills Two - Navdip Singh Sanghera

Navdip Singh Sanghera, 32, a member of the notorious Sanghera crime family was one of two men gunned down in East Vancouver Thursday night. He was killed after a shooting near East 31st Avenue and Inverness Street about 9:30 p.m. A second man was also killed.

Kimveer Gill called himself 'angel of death'
The Sangheras were known to be battling two rival gangs — Amandeep Deep Manj and his associates and the Malli-Buttar group. A leader of the Manj group, Tejinder Malli, was shot to death on March 10, 2014. Manjit Singh Buttar remains in pre-trial custody on gun charges.

Manjit Singh Buttar
Six members of the Sanghera crime group, including Navdip Sanghera his brother Sav, cousin Boby and uncle Udham were arrested in 2009