Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Darksiders MC cries Foul

A member of the Darksiders North Shore Motorcycle Club in Bathurst is firing back in response to Mayor Paolo Fongemie's calls Monday for the provincial government to introduce legislation banning biker clubs that are associated with criminal activity. Dominic Doucet accused the mayor of "slander" and "fearmongering."

Doucet did not directly address the issue of whether the Darksiders have any connection with the Hells Angels, and he declined an interview.
"This is yet another blatant attempt by a public official to spread needless fear among his constituents and all New Brunswickers," said Stephen Wallace, on behalf of the The Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents.

The Darksiders are a very well recognized puppet club of the Hells Angels.
Fongemie stood by his comments. "Are we against people who ride bikes? No. Are we against people who wear bikers' clothing? No. Do we want to ban people who ride bikes in our city that are part of recreational or social clubs? No."