Friday, April 7, 2017

HA Sherbrooke Clubhouse on Slippery Slope

The Judge asked the Hells Angels lawyers if they were still intent on hearing from about 20 bikers who oppose the state confiscation of their Sherbrooke bunker on Wednesday.

The defense had changed their game plan.

Georges Beaulieu

Richard Rousseau
The defense suffered a major blow when the Superior Court judge dismissed all its requests to exclude important evidence in this case. These were confessions made by 24 members at the time when they were found guilty of conspiracy to murder. They all admitted that they had carried out armed surveillance - 'the watch' in their jargon - for their fortress during their war with Rock Machine rivals during the 1990s.

Three founding members of the Sherbrooke Chapter, and owners of the building, Guy "Junior" Auclair, Georges "Boboy" Beaulieu and Richard "Dick" Rousseau were not in the courtroom.

Guy "Junior" Auclair
The "offense property" designation would allow the Crown to confiscate the building valued at $ 424,600. The City claims $ 45,631 since no property taxes have been paid for eight years. A decision will be made this summer after final submissions in June.

The HA are relying on the services of lawyer Mylène Lareau.

Mylène Lareau
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