Monday, April 24, 2017

Hamilton police raid urban pot farm after Post reveals link to murdered Toronto mobster

Police raided the building in Hamilton on April 11th, five days after the Post published a report on the facility’s connection to organized crime figure Antonio Sergi, a mob-linked Toronto man known as “Tony Large” who was shot in his driveway last month. By the time officers arrived at the marijuana grow all plants and people were gone.
Antonio 'Tony Large' Sergi
The dilapidated building, a former bar called Boomers, looked abandoned and derelict when it was operating. The smell of marijuana wafted from it when a reporter visited on April 5th. Antonio Sergi, who was shot dead in his Toronto driveway on March 31st, was involved in the medical marijuana industry, including a bid to unionize growers and the shady operation of his urban pot farm.
His vision of a province-wide union fell apart in a series of ruinous events: he was arrested in 2014 in a large Toronto drug case; medical marijuana laws changed; and people realized his union was a scam. Tony Large was even so bold to swear in court documents that his operation was issued a license by Health Canada. That was false. Around the same time, his criminal ties to a crew of known mobsters also fell apart.
Carmelo Bruzzese, Rocco Remo Commisso, Salvatore and Antonio Coluccio