Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kelowna Hells Angels Obliterated - Organized Criminals

Bryan Oldham, who was the sergeant at arms of the Kelowna chapter, was handed four years. He was convicted of possession for the purpose of trafficking. David Giles, vice-president, was sentenced to 18 years, associate Kevin Van Kalkeren got 16 years, James Howard got 10 years, Shawn Womacks got six years, Murray Trekofski got eight years and Orhan Saydam received a three-year sentence.
The Kelowna Chapter was started by founding members Grey Holomay, Norm Cox, Damiano Dipololo, Joseph (Bruce) Skreptak, Michael Christiansen and Lester Jones. Holomay and Jones came from Alberta HA, the others from the Vancouver East End Chapter.
President Damiano Dipopolo

Robert Thomas
51 year old husband and father Dain Phillips died after being beaten with a baseball bat on June 11 2011 by Robert Thomas and Norm Cocks. The 51-year-old victim did not provoke the attack or engage in an altercation. The murder was sparked by Facebook posts of his two sons towards 2 HA punks, Matthew McRae and Daniel McRae.

Norman Cocks with his father Bob Cox
Joseph Bruce Skreptak was sentenced to five years in prison in 2015 after a vehicle he was riding in was found to contain an arsenal of weapons. Skreptak and Cory Montemurro were each found guilty of nearly a dozen weapons offences after their vehicle was pulled over in 2010. They were caught on their way to a Salmon Arm grow rip and were pulled over for speeding.
Don 'Teflon Don' Lyons of the Independent Soldiers was Lester Jones' primary source for cocaine. Lyons was arrested in 'Project Drill.' Project Drill was a 13 month joint police investigation that ended with 18 people charged across Canada, most connected to the Hells Angels. Lyons only claimed $354 on his 2007 tax return, but he had a $1.5 million home in Kelowna, a condo in Vancouver, and a fleet of luxury cars. He pulled 8 1/2 years.

Leslie John McCulloch is awaiting sentencing for a major league fentanyl lab in Kelowna. He is a Hells Angels associate and was busted while still on parole for a cocaine trafficking conviction.
The Kelowna clubhouse is subject to a forfeiture trial, scheduled for May 2017. HA lawyers failed in a countersuit attempting to get the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Act struck as unconstitutional. The clubhouse was last assessed at $ 1.2m.

The B.C. Nomads chapter sold off their clubhouse in 2014 for $2,175,000.