Sunday, April 9, 2017

Plot to steal cocaine led to murder

John Raposo, 35, was shot four times in the head.
Dean Wiwchar, 31, was the hit man, posing as a construction worker wearing a reflective vest, shoulder-length wig, sunglasses and dust mask. But it was Nicola Nero, 40, Martino Caputo, 43 and Rabih Alkhalil, 29, who plotted to murder John Raposo, steal his cocaine and split the profit. Alkhalil brought in Wiwchar, describing him as being his “best hitter”. All four men are charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. They have pleaded not guilty.

Nero, Caputo and Alkhalil were involved in importing cocaine into Canada from Mexico through Chicago and Buffalo. Raposo was also involved in cocaine trafficking. Alkhalil said he would obtain the gun requested by Wiwchar, either a 40-calibre or 45-calibre. A 45-calibre gun was used to kill Raposo.

Dean Wiwchar

Rabih Alkhalil
In one message, Wiwchar stated that his business is contract killing. The shooting took place on June 18, 2012. Wiwchar was arrested 3 days later. Police found a reflective construction vest, a map of Toronto, body armour, two skin-coloured face masks, liquid latex skin, theatrical makeup, fake moustaches, fake beards, three wigs and modelling wax at Wiwchar's home, along with two 40-calibre semi-automatic pistols and two 45-calibre pistols.

Nicola Nero
Police were able to access Nero's BlackBerry Curve smartphone and download email messages that are part of the evidence. Caputo was also wiretapped by police.

Martino Caputo