Saturday, April 8, 2017

Steven Navarro, Hells Angels Richmond misunderstood - Lawyer

Steven Navarro, described by attorneys as a member of the Hells Angels Richmond chapter, has been charged with conspiracy to commit an assault with a firearm, possessing meth while armed, and other gun possession charges. Authorities also filed a child abuse charge, after finding a gun in a dresser inside the garage of his West Contra Costa home, where a young child sometimes stayed.
Prosecutors said Navarro was angry with a woman who had borrowed a car and never returned it, leading Navarro to initiate a car chase after the woman through Antioch city streets. The two cars sped past a pair of Antioch police captains. Navarro’s attorney, Erick Guzman, conceded his client was angry about the car, but said the alleged plot to attack the woman was preposterous. He said Navarro’s gun was legal, and he described the Hells Angels as a patriotic organization with “a strong connection to veterans.” “The Hells Angels are a motorcycle club, they’re not a gang,” Guzman said