Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Drugs, break-ins, jail, repeat: The life of Darcy Knape

From one break-in to the next, the same sloppy pattern emerges. The cat burglar smashes a window, cuts himself as he climbs through and leaves behind traces of blood. In one case, so much blood that the homeowners think they’ve stumbled upon a murder scene. But the man Vancouver police recently identified as a suspect in at least 11 residential break-ins spanning the last decade is no amateur artist. Though far from feline-stealth, Darcy Knape may be one of Vancouver’s most prolific burglars.

Knape, 52, admitted he may have committed 150 break-ins, according to a parole board report. His lengthy rap sheet — mostly for property offences — begins when he was 18.
The burglary was nothing personal, he continued, “but rather, the random act of a drug addict.” His vice is heroin. The judge wasn’t sympathetic. Some beat their drug addictions, others don’t. “At your age,” the judge continued, “rehabilitation is not of significance.”

A report noted Knape had an “egocentric view of the world” and was prone to impulsivity, self-pity and viewing himself as deprived or victimized.