Thursday, June 15, 2017

Charles Huneault - HA money man sees charges dropped

Charles Huneault, considered by the police as a money lender linked to the Hells Angels, and four other individuals were released from charges of gangsterism and tax evasion.

In addition to gangsterism and fraud against Revenue Québec, Charles Huneault and the other four were charged with conspiracy, laundering proceeds of crime and theft of more than $ 5,000.

At the time police said the fraud was at least $ 23m
The defense said a 24-month delay was due to the prosecution's lack of preparation. Lawyers argued that the trial of the accused, which had been scheduled for January 2019, would have ended 53 months and 11 days after their arrest, had it taken place.

The Jordan decision, rendered by the Supreme Court in the summer of 2016, sets the limit of proceedings at one and a half years.