Monday, June 19, 2017

Hell's Angels-linked drug ring in Sudbury Busted

A multi-jurisdictional police operation shut down a drug ring in Sudbury, arresting two Hells Angels, and charging 13 others with trafficking. 'Project Stinton' netted $60,000 worth of drugs, over $25,000 in cash, two tasers and five prohibited weapons. Police also busted an after hours 'booze can' bar in Sudbury operated by the Hell's Angels.
The busts are connected to 'Project Chronic', where 90 people are in custody and police expect to arrest 35 more after conducting dozens of raids targeting the Driftwood Crips. Members of the Driftwood Crips operated a cell in Sudbury and were targeted there. Driftwood Crips were supplying a large quantity of fentanyl and cocaine to a network of dealers in the Sudbury area, including the Hells Angels.
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