Friday, June 23, 2017

IS - Red Scorpions busted dealing carfentanil in Red Deer

Police have confirmed that drugs seized in Red Deer in March were a mixture of carfentanil, fentanyl and caffeine, making this the first known seizure of carfentanil in the Red Deer area. Kim Proctor of the Independent Soldiers, Steven Herman of the Red Scorpions, Trina Boudreau-Pritchard and Catherine Nicole Campbell, were arrested and charged as a result.
“Drug dealers don’t care about your health – they’re looking for the biggest profit and they’re working in a system that is run by organized crime,” said Schultz. “Are these really the people you want to trust your life with?

“It’s a drug that is non-discriminating, so if you think it can’t happen to you, you are wrong. If you think that trying it once won’t do anything, you’re wrong. "