Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wolf Pack ‘drug runner’ to be sentenced in Kamloops

Gang-affiliated 22-year-old Christopher Pace, who moved to Kamloops to sell drugs with members of the Wolf Pack criminal organization pleaded guilty to drug and property charges. Pace, who has no criminal record, was described as a mid-level dealer in the organization by prosecutors who urged a jail sentence of 18 to 24 months.

Defence lawyers called Pace “a runner” — a low-level street dealer — who was effectively a naive, young employee of the Wolf Pack. He suggested Hyslop impose a sentence of time served. Pace learns his fate July 8.
The Wolf Pack — a coalition of gangsters from the Hells Angels, Independent Soldiers and Red Scorpions — set up the drug-trafficking enterprise.

Pace’s arrest was part of a crackdown by Kamloops Mounties aimed at dismantling the local chapter of the Wolf Pack. Police said last year they conducted seven Wolf Pack-related raids in the first half of 2016.