Monday, July 31, 2017

2012 execution of Oz biker Jason De Ieso

The “daylight assassination” of autoworker Jason De Ieso has still not been solved, with detectives hoping the expert scientific analysis of the shooters caught on CCTV will lead to a breakthrough in the cold case. De Ieso, 32, was shot dead in his Pooraka workshop when a group of at least nine disguised men walked into the business and attacked.

Within seconds, at least five of the men opened fire, shooting at another group of men who were in the workshop on a break. At the time of the shooting a violent gang war between the Finks and the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gangs had erupted.

Police believe the tensions between the gangs is what sparked the shooting.
De Ieso was a senior Finks bikie and was targeted by a group of Hells Angels prospects who stormed his workshop and gunned him down. Jason De Ieso was shot in the head and died instantly. It was the culmination of four days of feuding between Hells Angels north crew and the Finks. Just 10 minutes earlier, Finks member Charlie Bonnici had left before the nine men burst in. Since the shooting of De Ieso, six of the suspects have become full members of the Hells Angels with the shooting contributing greatly to their promotions.

While Bonnici narrowly escaped both incidents, he was brutally bashed at the hands of his fellow Finks bikie gang members three months later.