Sunday, July 16, 2017

Acryl Fentanyl added to US Schedule I - Controlled Substance

The US Drug Enforcement Administration proposed the addition on June 2. Acryl fentanyl has lead to hundreds of deaths and had been legal to purchase. The opioid is more powerful than fentanyl and highly resistant to naloxone. (Narcan) "No approved medical use has been identified for acryl fentanyl, nor has it been approved by the FDA for human consumption. The recent identification of acryl fentanyl in drug evidence and the identification of this substance in association with fatal overdose events indicate that this substance is being abused for its opioid properties."
Acrylfentanyl comes primary from China, which banned its production and sale just over two months ago. The Chinese also banned carfentanil, furanyl fentanyl, and valeryl fentanyl.

B.C.'s chief medical officer Dr. Perry Kendall says that medical professionals can't keep up with the volume of new designer drugs flooding the market. Kendall said he knows of at least 40 different fentanyl analogues created to intensify or prolong a user’s high but are difficult to detect with standard drug tests. B.C. is on track for more than 1,500 deaths this year. The average number of annual overdose deaths in B.C. during the years 2001 to 2010 was 204.
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