Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alberta Police sound warning on Organized Crime

The Alberta Law Enforcement Team (ALERT) has warned organized crime has “tentacles” that reach across provincial borders and deep into Alberta’s communities. The Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers out of Red Deer, the United Nations out of Grande Prairie, and the Mad Cows in Lethbridge have all expanded operations. Police say crime networks thrive on high-profit crimes, with drug trafficking a staple of the trade.
But other areas of crime that offer high profit with lower risk have been attracting the attention of Alberta’s criminals. ALERT Edmonton uncovered members of the Hells Angels and their associates were involved in stealing and revinning stolen travel trailers and recreational vehicles. Revinning is where the vehicle identification numbers from a stolen vehicle are removed and replaced with VIN numbers from a legitimate vehicle before resale. Last year an investigation into the Edmonton chapter of the Hells Angels resulted in 10 arrests, over $1 million in stolen property, and 21 firearms seized. Hells Angels members Julien Roussel, 58, and Christopher Escott, 32 were charged.
ALERT has laid a record number of charges, with 498 people charged with 3,014 crimes, well above the previous record of 2,761 recorded in the 2014-2015.