Monday, July 10, 2017

Australia Gangster prison fight-clubs: Inmates told 'fight to death'

An "appalled" prisons commissioner is sending in an elite team to take over the privately-run Parklea Correctional Centre in the wake of a Youtube security scandal. Commissioner Peter Severin said this was the first time this action had been taken at any jail in NSW.

Weekly prison fight clubs and the video of a prisoner showing off a knife and ice were proof private-run prisons were 'breeding crime' a union claimed. The prison service went into meltdown after the shocking footage emerged. Private prison operators have a history of security problems around the world.

"There is no transparency or accountability in private prisons. No private company should be profiting from crime. These poorly managed, under resourced prisons are just incubators for worse problems that are later unleashed back into society. Society can't afford to privatize prisons."
The company is so secretive it will not even reveal who its media spokesperson is but said they would "call back".

Parklea Correctional Centre is a privately managed Australian maximum and minimum security prison, located at Parklea, in the north-western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales.

Major quantities of drugs, mobile phones and 'other contraband items' have been found after a dramatic raid at Parklea Correctional Centre yesterday.