Friday, July 28, 2017

Gangsters's Moll clueless about cash

Gangster's moll Rachel Duffy, 37 who drives a Porsche, celebrated her freedom with a glass of wine after escaping jail, having told a judge she did not know her luxury life was funded by drug money. Police began investigating her cash rich lifestyle after arresting former spouse Thomas Duffy, 42, over the seizure of heroin and cocaine worth a total of £700,000.

Mrs Duffy's extended detached property in an affluent area near Middleton was searched, and envelopes were found with £1,000 in cash stuffed inside. The children attended a prep school where fees cost £6,300 a year.
Duffy was given a 14-month jail term suspended for a year and was ordered to repay £50,000. The sentence didn't stop the mother celebrating, and she was spotted having lunch and sipping wine in top Italian restaurant San Carlo Cicchetti.

Duffy was living a lifestyle that far exceeded the £13,000 she earned