Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hells Angels at the gates of the Maritimes

The New Brunswick chapter of the Nomads is now 'full patch'. Emery Martin is the man responsible for the reorganization of the Hells Angels in New Brunswick. A Quebec chapter, which is in the process of being reopened officially, sponsored the New Brunswick chapter.
Police believe a Charlottetown club is in the works and prospects there will soon have a 'bottom rocker' that reads Prince Edward Island. That would achieve the Maritime 'trifecta' of clubs in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI.

A territorial struggle has been taking place between the Hells of Quebec and the Hells of Ontario. It's a return in forces of the biker dark side that worries the RCMP. The return to the Maritimes is mainly about establishing territory with the main goal being Halifax and control of its port, which can be used to import contraband.

Phillip Boudreault (left) and Martin Bernatchez. Both were shot, Boudreault is reportedly confined to a wheelchair.
See ----->https://gangstersoutt.blogspot.ca/2017/07/nova-scotia-ha-on-rise.html