Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Motorcycle association speaks out against linking bikers to drugs and violence

The Hells Angels were welcomed back to the province of Nova Scotia by affiliate clubs with a party in Musquodoboit Harbour. The Gatekeepers and The Darksiders have kept a presence in the area since a 2002 police sting wiped the Angels from the province. Now they are back and there is no bigger advocate than the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents.
Last week police with the biker enforcement unit of the RCMP said the strengthening of the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia once again has come with an increase in violent activity. The ACC begs to differ.

“The ACC stands behind all motorcycle clubs and independent riders, and we do not accept the harassment and slander put forth by media and law enforcement..."
When members of the Organized Crime Task Force executed search warrants at the Charlottetown Harley Club at 352 University Ave. and a Hells Angels hangaround club at 205 Fitzroy St. in April the ACC had this to say: "This is yet another attempt ... to harass the Prince Edward Island motorcycle community".
The ACC consists of members from outlaw biker clubs as well as independent riders and says it’s a neutral group that demands equal charter rights for all. The group said the police attention towards bikers is an “obvious misuse of taxpayer funds and diversion of the real social issues at hand.”
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