Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2 charged in Alberta for making machine guns

Jacob Balan and Amy Brogden are facing 62 charges connected to the seizure of machine guns.
The Alberta Guns and Gangs Unit said it’s busted a gun manufacturing operation west of Edmonton that may have been supplying criminal organizations with homemade machine guns. ALERT said it searched three homes, two in Edmonton and one in Parkland County, and seized four prohibited firearms that were allegedly manufactured at a property in Parkland County.
9mm updated Ingram MAC-11 Submachine gun
Seized weapons included a Beretta with a suppressor, a modified Suomi submachine gun with two oversized magazines and two homemade MAC-11 submachine guns outfitted with suppressors and oversized magazines. Police say the MAC-11s were manufactured at a professional grade machinist shop with professional grade equipment and fabrication tools.

Jacob Balan, 37, and Amy Brogden, 29, are facing 62 charges, including making an automatic firearm, four counts of firearms trafficking and four counts of possession of a firearm for the purpose of trafficking. It is thought 6 MAC-11s are in the hands of gangsters.