Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cargo Theft Tactic – "the Romanian method"

Five men were arrested after a risky cargo theft in the Netherlands where €500,000-worth of Apple iPhones were pilfered from a moving truck. The Romanians aged between 33 and 43, employed a cargo theft tactic that has been used several times, which involves tailgating the truck in front, with one member of the criminal team then climbing onto the hood of their vehicle to break into the back of the truck.
Boxes of iPhones were passed back through the sun roof of the getaway van while both vehicles were still moving.

Unmarked trucks carry loads of iPhones in China.
Police busted the suspects with the stash of iPhones and the van involved in the crime. The men have been accused of being responsible for the cargo theft of 17 trucks since 2015. Gangs will often modify their vehicles to improve the success of the operation, such as putting anti-slip mats on the hood of the vehicles. The use of grinding wheels to cut into the back of trucks has also been seen.
The truck driver often would not even detect the vehicle behind.

Here’s how the “Romanian Method” works:
1. Two  thieves climb out through the sunroof
2. One thief lays over the hood and breaks the lock
3. The other thief holds tightly to the lock-breakers ankles.
4. Once the cargo door is opened, they have unfettered access to the goods.