Saturday, August 5, 2017

Familia BGP - Loyal to Familia

On the black fabric is printed a white skull with a bandana over the mouth and a gun in each hand. Over the skull is Familia BGP. Below are things like Tingbjerg, Hillerød, Kokkedal or maybe National. Loyal to Familia or just LTF, is at the center of the bloody gang conflict that is ravaging Copenhagen. They are the main reason for the many gangland shootings.
Familia BGP recruit aggressively and try to create more chapters around the country.
When conflict broke out in 2008, there were a number of unorganized street gangs in the Danish capital against the Hells Angels. Around the beginning of 2013, a more structured street gang began to take shape. Loyal to Familia copied the structure of Hells Angels and Bandidos with a clear hierarchy, organization and local divisions.
Since June 12, Copenhagen Police have registered 15 shootings and two violent assaults related to the conflict.
The gang conflict started over share of the criminal market but has evolved into something else. It is more and more about a struggle for identity and reprisals. No one in the street gang environment can turn the other cheek.