Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Francesco Del Balso a walking target - update

It is being reported that mafioso Francesco Del Balso was targeted in a drive-by shooting in Laval. Half a dozen shots were fired. None found their mark and Del Balso was not injured. Associated with the Sicilian clan of the Montreal mafia, Del Balso was sentenced to 15 years in prison for gangsterism and trafficking cocaine in 2008. He picked up where he left off and made headlines in September for extorting a church. Before that it was extortion of a pizzaria in Quebec City.
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Gangster Del Balso issued a death threat to reporter Felix Séguin. That earned another 30 days in jail.

Francesco 'Chit' Del Balso
Francesco Del Balso believes the armed men who stormed into his home and terrorized his children intended to kill him. Although he and his family were the victims of the home invasion, it set off a chain of events that saw Del Balso returned to the relative safety of a federal penitentiary to continue serving the overall 15-year sentence he received in 2008. Del Balso spoke at length about the home invasion during a hearing and said it left him in shock for weeks because his family was at risk. Del Balso was away from home when he received a text message from his 12-year son. "Daddy. Daddy. Help help help. There’s a man with a gun”.
The 12-year-old boy was upstairs at the time while one of the armed men was on the main floor pointing a gun at his brother, demanding to know where Del Balso was. Del Balso called 911 and headed for his home, and he arrived at the same time as police. By then, the two armed men had fled. Marc Berthelot and David Cormier were in a car that was pulled over by Laval police minutes later. The Parole Board of Canada found a photo of a firearm and other photos “linked to the Hells Angels” on Berthelot's phone. “I know someone wants to kill me. I have to watch myself,” Del Balso said.
Marc Laflamme Berthelot
“I felt like a sitting duck,” Del Balso said explaining why he “ripped off” an ankle bracelet with a GPS tracking device that he agreed to wear. He said he left the bracelet on the lawn of his home in the hopes it would draw more police officers to his home and protect his family. He disappeared for more than two hours before turning himself in to the Laval police.
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