Saturday, August 12, 2017

HA leader Salvatore Cazzetta released

Salvatore Cazzetta, a former head of the Hells Angels who has been held since a major police raid in November 2015 has been released. The Crown said that it was not opposed to the petition presented a few days ago by the influential biker's lawyer. The judge of the superior Court then ordered his release. Cazzetta was imprisoned at Rivière-des-Prairies prison since his arrest.

Originally he was accused of conspiracy, gangsterism and the possession of stolen property. The charge of conspiracy was dropped by the prosecution and that of gangsterism has been withdrawn following a decision by the same judge on July 27. It will be a long list of conditions that need to be complied with once out of prison, the prohibition to communicate with his co-accused and with all the members of the Hells Angels among them.