Sunday, August 13, 2017

Muscle for the Chicago Mob; George Brown out of Prison Early

Paul Carparelli
A “300-pound muscle guy” who helped mobsters shake down delinquent debtors before cooperating with the feds is getting out of prison early. George Brown was known for his large frame and martial arts skills. Brown let the FBI listen in on his phone calls for two years, wearing a wire in meetings with mob boss Paul Carparelli and members of his crew. Among the memorable quotes Brown captured from Carparelli, “as long as you don’t steal from me, fuck my wife or rat on me, you’re my friend 1,000 percent.”
A U.S. District Judge sentenced Carparelli last year to three and a half years in prison. Several of Brown’s other associates also received prison time, including Robert McManus, Michael “Mickey” Davis, Mark Dziuban, Frank Orlando, Vito Iozzo and James Amabile.

When he was sentenced, Brown told the judge that, “I’m a marked man. I have a target on my back. We can all agree that we’re dealing with people who have the means, the money and the time to retaliate.”

John "No nose" DiFronzo, the current reputed boss of The Outfit
The Chicago Outfit, shortened to "The Outfit", is a powerful, influential, ruthless and organized Italian-American criminal organization based in Chicago. Dating back to the 1910s, it is part of the Italian-American Mafia, however, the Chicago Outfit is distinct from the "Five Families" of New York City, though all Italian-American crime families are ruled by The Commission.

The Outfit is the only criminal organization that has a monopoly on traditional organized crime in the city of Chicago. Together the Chicago Outfit and the Five Families rules Chicago and Las Vegas with an iron fist, and any street gang, biker gang, drug dealer, drug lord, prostitute, pimp and criminal that operates in Chicago or Las Vegas has to pay "street tax" to the Five Families and the Chicago Outfit at least 35% and in some cases 60%.