Monday, August 28, 2017

OPP lands 1062kg of Cocaine in concrete rocks

A tip from a member of the public has triggered the single largest drug seizure in the history of the Ontario Provincial Police. The force netted 1,062 kilograms of 97 per cent pure cocaine, which had a wholesale value of $60 million and an estimated street value of $250 million. The drug would have been cut down to between 30 and 40 per cent purity before it reached the streets, often with deadly additives like fentanyl.
The initial arrests were made after a traffic stop of Hwy. 410 in May.

The cocaine was loaded onto ships in Argentina, destined for the Port of Montreal and then the GTA, Niagara Region and other parts of Canada.
Most of the stones containing bricks of cocaine had a kilogram hidden inside. The most found in a single stone was six kilograms. Some of the stones were seized at a stone supply operation in Stoney Creek.

“There are definitely connections to Mexico and the Mexican cartels,” say police. The Mexican cartels have members living in the GTA.