Friday, August 11, 2017

Oz politico regrets pricey Dinner with Mob Boss - Lobster with a Mobster

On Monday Matthew Guy was plastered across billboards by the cash-strapped opposition Liberal Party pledging “safer communities”. On Tuesday, he was splashed across national news headlines after it was revealed he dined on lobster with mafia figure Tony Madafferi.

Court documents claim the alleged crime figure has “close involvement with serious criminal conduct, including drug importation, murder and extortion.”
“They can have what they want. I have broken no laws. It’s been inferred that I went there seeking money, that is completely and utterly false." Mr Guy and Mr Madafferi, owner of the La Porchetta pizza chain, wined and dined over several bottles of Penfolds Grange at Lobster Cave. The cheapest bottle of Penfolds Grange on the Lobster Cave wine list is $899, going up to $1500. The meeting, on April 12, was organized by fruit and vegetable grower Frank Lamattina, Madafferi's cousin
Things aren't improving for the siege of Opposition Leader Matthew Guy as dinner revelations keep leaking. The more the “lobster with a mobster” saga gets eaten up, the more his credibility gets dented. An eyewitness mentioned “eight mates” at the $ 450 per plate dinner, quite different from the “20 or so” people Guy first said were at the dinner. After starting off saying he doesn’t really drink wine, a day later he admitted he might have had a sip of very expensive Grange.

To make matters worse for Guy, bumbling Liberal and fellow diner Barrie Macmillan later bragged about trying to get donations from people who had been at the lavish meal. He has resigned.