Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Philly Mob Boss Merlino; “It’s easy to kill somebody”

In the 2014 recording the Philadelphia mob boss was talking to Genovese acting captain Eugene “Rooster” Onofrio about how to best off someone. “It’s easy to kill somebody,” Merlino boasted, with Onofrio agreeing, “It’s simple”.

Merlino went on to explain his method: “You’re my friend, you trust me, I tell you, ‘Listen, drive me home right now,’ get you in the car, I shoot you in the fucking head, and it’s over with."

Joey "Skinny Joey" Merlino
Onofrio, who runs crews on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, had asked the judge to be tried separately, saying he was worried that Merlino’s reputation could “prejudice” a jury against him.

In late 2016 nearly four dozen gangster busts were carried out from Massachusetts to South Florida -- indicting them on charges including extortion, gun-running and assault. With names that could have come straight out of a Hollywood film some of those arrested included: Anthony "Tony the Wig" Vazzano, known as "Muscles"; Pasquale Capolongo, whose nicknames include "Mustache Pat" and "Fish"; and Vincent 'Big Vinny' Terracciano.
The racketeering scheme boasted arrests in four out of five major crime families.

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