Wednesday, August 16, 2017

President of El Paso Bandidos Buried

A deadly shooting in El Paso is part of a larger conflict between the long-established Bandidos and an upstart biker club named the Kinfolk.

Juan Martinez Jr. was among four men shot when a gunman entered and opened fire during a brawl July 30 in a bar. El Paso police arrested Javier Gonzalez, 34, who was identified as a member of the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club. The El Paso shooting follows the slaying of a member of the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club in March near Abilene. A man with ties to the Bandidos was charged in that killing.
The Kinfolk was created as recently as last year, by bikers who used to be Bandidos. In the biker gang world if you leave a club and start another club, it’s being a traitor. The Kinfolk were formed following the indictment of Bandidos national President Jeffrey Fay Pike on federal racketeering charges in 2015.

The Bandidos consider Texas their state. The group not only has members leaving them but they are leaving them in Texas, which is the greater insult. The Bandidos have been in El Paso since 1972. It is virtually certain there will be more violence.