Friday, August 18, 2017

Satan’s Choice MC back in Ontario

The grinning devil patch of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club is back. Once the second largest outlaw motorcycle club in the world, the Satan’s Choice folded in late 2000 when it was absorbed by the Hells Angels.

A group of Durham and Ottawa-area bikers have re-established the Satan’s Choice club, which will likely upset the Hells Angels.
Satan's Choice had existed as a club since the 1950s in Toronto, however they were not a '1%er' outlaw motorcycle club until 1965. The old Satan’s Choice had many well-publicized clashes with the law. A spokesman says they are "all law-abiding citizens" this time around.

The new Satan’s Choice reformed in Ottawa last month and reportedly has 48 members and two prospects. Biker cop Len Isnor of the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit says “It’s a bit shocking”