Monday, August 14, 2017

Yvan Leclair and Project Silkstone

Hells Angel Yvan LeClair
Court officials have taken extra steps to expedite the matter by proposing fall preliminary hearings for the accused caught up in Project Silkstone. “All the Silkstone matters will be tried in Belleville,” said federal prosecutor Spencer Shaw. “There was 20 accused and one has plead guilty.”
Raids resulted in the seizure of 11,500 pills containing fentanyl, 180 lbs. of marijuana, 7.5 kilograms of ecstasy and eight kilograms of cocaine
Streamlining the case is paramount to meeting thresholds for how long cases can be held up in the courts. Under the Jordan ruling, there is a presumptive ceiling on provincial court cases of 18 months, and a ceiling of 30 months for superior court cases.

When cases exceed these thresholds judges may order a stay of proceedings and charges may be dismissed.
The investigation began by targeting multiple criminal groups trafficking firearms and drugs along the Highway 401 corridor from the GTA to Montreal, and revealed drug trafficking to the U.S. Full patch Yvan Leclair remains in custody. Blair Crawford, 36, is also said to be affiliated with the Hells Angels MC.
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