Tuesday, September 19, 2017

4 Bandidos plead guilty in death of HA

Four members of the Bandidos MC have signed plea deals in which they will admit to their roles in the killing of Anthony W. Benesh III, who was trying to start a chapter of the Hells Angels in Austin. Benesh was gunned down March 18, 2006, in front of his girlfriend and their two children as they left Saccone’s Pizza in Austin.

Johnny “Downtown Johnny” Romo, 47, his brother Robert Romo, 45, Jesse James “Kronic” Benavidez and Norberto “Hammer” Serna Jr. murdered Benesh to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandidos MC.

Jesse James Benavidez

Johnny Romo

Robert Romo

Norberto Serna
All four men went to Austin to carry out the hit. Robert Romo shot from a high-powered rifle at a nearby parking lot, turning Benesh's head into pulp in front of his girlfriend and children.
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