Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Big HA poker run in Kelowna

Hundreds of bikers were on the streets of Kelowna this past weekend for two very different kinds of events. The Salvation Army held its annual Motorcycle Toy Run Sunday. This is the 32nd year the Salvation Army has brought the ride to Kelowna.

Bikers from across the province were also in Kelowna last weekend for the Hells Angels annual Poker Run. The colours of outlaw biker gangs where everywhere in Kelowna for an annual competition where players collect a card at several checkpoints. Prizes are awarded to players with the best poker hands at the end of the event.
Kelowna has a massive large problem with fentanyl, the greatest in Canada and the fact we have the HA still grossly entrenched explains that fact far too well.
Chapter President Damiano Dipopolo
The Kelowna property has been a target of the civil forfeiture office since 2012. A bid to quash the seizure was dismissed in February 2016 in a Vancouver courtroom, and forfeiture proceedings were expected to begin again in Vancouver this year.

It has also been a hotbed for crime. Most recently a stolen travel trailer was removed from the property.
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