Friday, September 22, 2017

Bonanno Boss dodges Bocce Bust

Robert (Bobby Ha Ha) Attanasio
Bonanno crime family cap​o Robert “Bobby Ha Ha” Attanasio came out on top Wednesday when a judge sentenced him to just ​six months home confinement for violating the terms of his parole. Prosecutors tried to lock up the capo claiming he’d been caught red-handed playing in a Staten Island bocce tournament against Gambino ​associate Louis Vallario. ​But it was actually Attanasio’s namesake son who was in the ​M​afia-studded games at Angelina’s Restaurant in July 2015.

70-year-old​ Attanasio ​served 10 years behind bars for his role in the 1984 hit of associate Cesare Bonventre​. Bonventre’s hacked up remains were found pickled in steel drums secreted away in a New Jersey glue factory after mob boss Joe Massino ordered the hit.

Cesare Bonventre
Attanasio admitted he’d taken part in some 300 calls with former prison pals Vincent “Vinny Goo” Caroleo and Frank “Meatball” Bellatoni. The judge was skeptical. “If someone’s name is “Vinny Goo” or “Vinny Collision” or “Meatball” frankly, based on my extensive experience in organized crime cases, these are the kinds of nicknames given to people in the cosa nostra”. But the argument worked, and the judge let Attanasio off with a warning, 6 months home detention, and 2 years post-release supervision.

“Stay off the phone with anyone who isn’t a close relative” the judge ordered. “Or your priest.”