Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bonanno family mob boss and Gotti grandson plead guilty to arson charge

Asaro faces 41 to 51 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, while Gotti faces 60 to 71 months.
82-year-old Bonanno family mob boss Vincent Asaro and John J. Gotti, the grandson of the late Gambino family boss, pleaded guilty in June in Brooklyn federal court to arson for torching the car of a man who cut off Asaro in traffic. Asaro won a near miraculous acquittal in 2015 of charges that he was part of the notorious $6 million Lufthansa heist in 1978.
Prosecutors said that after another motorist cut in front of Asaro at a traffic light, he obtained the owner’s address and ordered an associate to arrange to set the car on fire, and the associate recruited Gotti and another man to carry it out.

“I made arrangements with this person to take care of it, and it was done” the mobbed up octogonarian said.