Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Career Mobster banned from entering Montreal's Little Italy

Career Quebec drug trafficker and money launderer Sabatino (Sammy) Nicolucci has been banned from setting foot in Montreal’s Little Italy, along with any “Italian-style coffee shops”.

Nicolucci, 70, was known as the Montreal Mafia’s drug and money launderer. Most of Nicolucci’s adult life has been spent in prison, as a fugitive or on parole. His first criminal conviction in Canada was in 1973.
In 1992 police traced a $1.7-million purchase of 280 kilograms of cocaine made by Nicolucci on behalf of Vito Rizzuto. Nicolucci refused to pay the Colombian drug cartel, claiming the cocaine was poor quality. The Colombians kidnapped him from Castel Tina, an infamous Montreal strip club he managed, and smuggled him to Colombia. Nicolucci negotiated a deal with his kidnappers; his life would be spared and he would work off his debt to the cartel in Colombia. Arrested, he arrived back in Canada and faced 437 charges for drug trafficking and money laundering. He received a combined sentence of 33 years.
“You are forbidden to be inside the quadrilateral limited by the following streets: St-Laurent, Jean-Talon, Bellechasse and Alma,” the board said, naming the boundaries of Montreal’s Little Italy. “The main contributing factors related to your criminality are identified as criminal associations, bad judgment, pride, financial difficulties, lax values and the lure of easy gain.”