Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cyclopropyl Fentanyl - 'soup du jour'

The latest analogue in the alphabet 'soup du jour' is cyclopropyl fentanyl. Cyclopropyl fentanyl was recently found in a Sault Ste. Marie drug seizure. It is so new that that Health Canada labs have only started finding it in samples since September 5th. Since then labs have discovered 11 samples in their forensic testing: five from British Columbia, four from Alberta, and two from Ontario.
Physiological and toxicological effects are unknown. The drug has no known applications for human or veterinary use and virtually nothing is known about how it actually effects people. Cyclopropyl Fentanyl's chemical structure is so similar to fentanyl its properties are likely similar. The drug was first found in counterfeit Percocet pills that led to overdoses and deaths in Georgia. The reason labs make analogues as opposed to fentanyl itself is to avoid chemical tests and to skirt legal prosecution.